Azimuth Scuba

Annual Scuba Gear Servicing

Is your SCUBA gear going to be ready to dive when you need it?

Bring your gear to Azimuth Scuba for its annual service/inspection now while you’re not diving. That way your SCUBA gear will be ready to go whenever you head back to the water.¬†Our repair department offers the best in scuba equipment service to our customers. Our facility features the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available and our highly skilled manufacturer-trained technicians will deliver the most efficient and quality equipment repair.


Regulator Full Rebuild 1st and 2nd stages $70
AIRSOURCE II OR III Full Rebuild $35
Tank VIP w/Sticker and free tank fill $25
BCD Inspection and test for leaks $30

For rush orders, please add an additional $25.

Full Rebuild Service:
Pre-service check to help troubleshooting later in the service
Disassembly of the 1st stage, 2nd stage and gauges
Clean metal parts in an ultrasonic cleaner
Soak and scrub plastic parts in warm soapy water
Inspect all the parts for excessive wear, cracks, and corrosion
Replace all the required o-rings, filters, and seats.
Reassemble the regulator
Adjust the regulators intermediate pressure, flow rate, and breathing resistance according to the manufactures specifications
Submerge regulator to check for leaks


For warranty service there are a few things that we require you to provide:
Completed warranty registration
Original receipt
Proof of service or safety check within the last 12 months (depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines).

Attention Aqua Lung owners – in order to maintain your ‘Free Parts for Life’ warranty you MUST have the equipment inspected/serviced annually to maintain the warranty. Failure to do so will void the warranty. Contact Azimuth Scuba to schedule your annual service today!

We service all brands, if you have any questions please call the store or send an e-mail to the service department at

Equipment Repair & Servicing

Azimuth Scuba has onsite technicians certified to service your scuba gear and tanks.

Aqualung Certified Repair Technicians
PSI-PCI Certfied Valve Repair Technicians
PSI-PCI Certified Visual Cylinder Inspectors
PSI-PCI Oxygen Cleaning Cylinder Technicians
OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Repair Technicians

SPG Testing $10
BCD Servicing $30
Full Face Mask Servicing $75 + parts

Fill Station – Scuba & Paintball

Scuba & Paintball Air fills – $10 per cylinder up to 80cf all larger Scuba tanks $15

Scuba tanks MUST be within current Hydro inspection. Azimuth Scuba reserves the right to refuse fills if Azimuth technicians feel that the condition of the tank and/or valve does not meet industry safety requirements. Tanks will only be filled to within tank/valve service limits.

Scuba Tank InspectionsAll scuba tanks are required to be inspected on a routine basis to ensure proper operation and safety. This applies to both aluminum and steel tanks regardless of age or the number of times used. Each time a scuba tank is filled the technician filling the tank must first visually inspect the tank for any damage to the tank or the valve. The technician will look to see if there is a current Visual Inspection sticker and if the hydro stamp on the tank is current. A tank cannot be filled if the hydro stamp is not current or if there is any visible damage.

Annual Visual Inspection – (VIP)

In the United States a visual inspection is NOT required by the USA DOT every year though they do require a hydrostatic every five years. The visual inspection requirement is a diving industry standard based on observations made during a review by the National Underwater Accident Data Center. Azimuth Scuba requires a current VIP for tank fills.

At Azimuth Scuba your VIP inspection includes external and internal inspection for damage, bulges, overheating, dents, gouges, electrical arc scars, pitting, line corrosion, general corrosion, cracks, thread damage, defacing of permanent markings, and color coding. It also includes inspection of the tank valve and a new o-ring. If minor corrosion is found inside the tank it may require whipping. If the corrosion is heavy then tumbling may be required. Tumbling is a process where a cleaning media such as glass beads are placed inside the tank. The tank is then placed on a roller for several hours to ‘tumble’ the beads around inside the tank to clean it.

Annual VIP with new sticker $30 (includes free air fill)
Light Tumbling fee $50
Cylinder Whipping $20

5 Year Hydrostatic Test (hydro)

Every 5 years, as required by the USA Department of Transportation (DOT), scuba tanks must be hydro tested.

A hydrostatic test involves pressurizing the tank to its test pressure (often 5/3 or 3/2 of the working pressure) and measuring its volume before and after the test. A permanent increase in volume above the tolerated level means the cylinder fails the test and is permanently removed from service.

When a cylinder is manufactured, its specification, including manufacturer, working pressure, test pressure, date of manufacture, capacity and weight are stamped on the cylinder.

After a cylinder passes the test, the test date is punched into the shoulder of the cylinder for easy verification at fill time. Azimuth Scuba uses a certified outside Hydrostatic Test Facility to perform hydro tests.

Hydrostatic Test & VIP $75 (includes free air fill)
Tank Valve Servicing

Scuba tank valve manufacturers recommend annual inspection & servicing of tank valves. This is most conveniently done during the annual tank VIP inspection.

Tank Valve Inspection $15
Valve servicing involves removing the valve from the tank, visually inspecting the valve for damage and performing a leak test.

Tank Valve Full Rebuild $45 + parts
Valve rebuild servicing involves removing the valve from the tank, complete dis-assembly of the valve, thorough cleaning of all valve parts, replacement of any worn parts, re-assembly, lubrication & testing.